HLP Projects

Recent Projects

Riverside Free Clinic Improvement Project

The students of HLP were consulted to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction at the Riverside Free Clinic. Through a series of clinic visits, meetings with community leaders, and interviews with patients, the students designed and implemented interventions that improved clinic flow and the patient and volunteer experience at RFC.

Improving Patient Imaging at RUHS

The students of HLP are working to improve the process of patient imaging at the Riverside University Health System Medical Center in Moreno Valley. HLP is working with attending physicians, nursing leadership, and the Intensive Care Unit staff to decrease wait times and improve communication between providers in an effort to improve clinical outcomes in patients requiring medical imaging.

Student Wellness and Burnout

The students of HLP have designed a series of instruments to survey medical student wellness and prevent burnout. HLP is working with faculty and staff at the UC Riverside School of Medicine to not only assess wellness, but also to implement interventions designed to ensure the academic, physical, and emotional well-being of our medical students.