Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre

Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre (USSIC)

Involvement with the Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre (USSIC) is a one-year commitment for MS2s to continue their ultrasound education as well as provide hands-on instruction to the MS1s.  Benefits of the program include:

  • Teaching basic ultrasound to MS1 students.
  • Learn ultrasound pathology.
  • Gain leadership and research experience.
  • Practicing skills that will help you in your third and fourth years and beyond.

Adjustments due to Coronavirus

As a result of the Coronavirus, we have small groups developing a pre-recorded online curriculum as well as live sessions with multiple angles.

For more information, contact Ultrasound Thread Director Lucas Friedman, M.D.

Becoming a USSIC Instructor

Selection for becoming an instructor is dependent on completion of:

  • Complete online educational modules, examinations, and probe cases during the summer.
  • Complete select hours of ultrasound scanning, practicing views on each other while on campus or at events, during the summer.
  • Participate in the Ultrasound Games, an assessment of both competency and teaching skills.
  • Successful completion and inventory of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) knowledge and tasks.

Ultrasound Games

  • Team-based opportunity for gamified learning.
  • Held the first weekend of Block 6.
  • Assessment of competency with a probe and teaching ability.


After the cadre is selected, all instructors will choose one committee to be a part of. Each committee will have one Committee Chair. Committees are as follows:

  • Education Committee is involved with creating and implementing the ultrasound education materials for the MS1 class. The committee’s responsibilities include finalizing and teaching the lecture PowerPoints (~5 lectures per academic year covering the ultrasound introductory topics of knobology, cardiology, pulmonology, GI/GU, and MSK). The committee further assists with providing student instructor checklists, handouts, clinical cases, determining presentation quiz questions and ensuring presentations are consistent with meeting clearly defined learning objectives both outlined in the curriculum guide and assessed in the weekly quizzes/final.
  • Research Committee is determined to improve the ultrasound education delivered to our MS1 students by our MS2 student instructors. By collecting qualitative and quantitative data through block and annual surveys/quizzes we aim to continuously learn and adapt to the needs of the MS1’s.
  • Community Outreach Committee collaborates with programs and organizations throughout the Inland Empire to teach and demonstrate the use of ultrasound. Our goal is to connect with professional health programs, universities, colleges, grade schools, community organizations, and other entities to participate in educational and health-related ultrasound events and provide them ultrasound education to inspire a career in health sciences.
  • Probe Scholars Committee's mission is to recruit volunteer standardized patients.
  • Technology Committee familiarizes itself with the various Ultrasound technologies and helps implement and coordinate their use between committees, as well as supporting USSIC projects, such as instructional video and website creation.