OB/Gyn delivery

Second-Year Curriculum


In year 2, there are four instructional blocks, focusing on disease processes, using the same organizational model as in year 1 with five modules and curricular threads in each  block course. 

Block 6: Foundations of Medicine II

Covers the pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical diagnosis and treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite-mediated infectious diseases; host defense and immunity; immune system disorders; topics in clinical hematology and oncology; and epidemiology and clinical reasoning skills.

Block 7: Cardiovascular, Renal, & Respiratory Medicine II

Pathology and pathophysiology of these systems (continued), including hypertension, developmental disorders, therapeutics - pharmaceuticals and other treatments, clinical trials and epidemiology, common cancers, common infectious agents and therapeutics, and prevention.

Block 8: Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, & Reproductive Health II

Advanced clinical perspective of anatomy, biochemistry, pathophysiology, physical diagnosis and imaging associated with endocrinology, reproductive health and disease, GI diseases, gender-specific diseases, skin manifestations of systemic disease, common infectious diseases and therapeutics, common cancers, prevention, and nutrition.

Block 9: Clinical Neurosciences II

Covers advanced clinical perspective of neurology, neuropathology, psychiatry, and neuropharmacology that is coordinated with physical and psychological clinical skills development.

Block 10: Integrative Assessment

Students are provided USMLE Board review presentations on various subjects, complete the NBME Basic Science Comprehensive Exam, and must demonstrate mastery of their clinical skills by passing the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Students take USMLE Step 1 before starting the third year.

Advanced Clinical Skills

In the second year, students will continue to refine their clinical skills in case-based learning, doctoring and clinical skills. These modules will reinforce the lessons of the first year while also introducing students to more advanced techniques and focused application. In the second year, students will also continue the Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience

Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre

The Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre (USSIC) is made up of MS2 students who receive guidance and training under the mentorship and supervision of the selective faculty advisor.