Ultrasound Education

MS1 Ultrasound Curriculum

The MS1 ultrasound curriculum is part of our gross anatomy program and is taught by second-year medical students in our Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre (USSIC).

The ultrasound curriculum follows along with the organ systems covered in lecture, which allows MS1s to integrate their didactic knowledge with ultrasound imaging. Students are introduced on how to obtain and interpret various images, possible pathologies, and how to integrate ultrasound into a physical exam.

Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre

The Ultrasound Student Instructor Cadre (USSIC) is made up of MS2 students who receive guidance and training under the mentorship and supervision of the selective faculty advisor. Benefits of the program include:

  • Teaching basic ultrasound to MS1 students.
  • Learning ultrasound pathology.
  • Gaining leadership and research experience.
  • Practicing skills that will help students in their third and fourth years and beyond.

USSIC instructors have ongoing teaching responsibilities throughout their MS2 year. MS2s willing to become an active part of this selective must be in good academic standing. Our instructors reflect the involvement, dedication, and enthusiasm being a technical instructor and peer educator requires.

Core Integrated Training in Ultrasound

The mission of the Core Integrated Training in UltraSound (CITrUS) Academy is to promote point of care ultrasound competency (POCUS).

CITrUS offers a unique ultrasound training experience throughout medical school and into the first year of residency training, as well as community outreach education that ranges from premed to medical professionals, including paramedics, physician assistants, residents, and physicians.