Health Systems Science

Thread Description

All graduating medical students need to understand and be able to function effectively in the very complex environment that is the healthcare system. Physicians must be able to identify and manage all the factors influencing healthcare outcomes for the individual patients and the patient populations they serve. It is now widely accepted that graduating medical students should have a better understanding of health systems and how they can be leveraged to improve population health outcomes. To close gaps in U.S. health outcomes, medical education is steadily evolving to better prepare physicians and non-physician providers with the knowledge and skills to lead patient and systems level improvements. Systems-related competencies, including high-value care, quality improvement, population health, informatics, and systems thinking, are needed to achieve this goal and will be addressed in this thread. 

The HSS thread coordinates, complements, and builds on relevant themes and topics already existent in School of Medicine curricula, such as public health and social medicine, HESJAR, medical humanities, street medicine, correctional medicine, LACE, and community health.

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Remus Popa, MD – HSS Thread Director