Global Health Learning Opportunities

Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) is an application service that facilitates clinical, global health, and research elective rotations globally for fourth year medical students. The GHLO application service fosters collaboration between U.S. and international medical schools for student mobility to create future global physicians.

GHLO is comprised of a network of collaborating institutions in over 36 countries, with nearly 2,000 clinical, public health and research opportunities. GHLO facilitates global mobility for final year medical and public health students pursuing electives outside their home countries.

The AAMC recognizes that with ever-increasing globalization in medicine there is growing interest on the part of medical students and medical schools to incorporate international electives into their educational curriculum. Cross-border exchanges in the health professions enable students to work with different patient populations, develop cross-cultural understanding, and learn about health systems and approaches to wellness and illness in other nations.

For more information, contact Cheri Black in the Office of Student Affairs