MS 4 Advisor Guide - Appendix 15

MS 4 Advisor Guide

Appendix #15

Graduation Requirements:

  1.  Sub Internship
    • The block must be 4 consecutive weeks
    • Inpatient only
    • Approved fields: Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Psychiatry, Family Medicine
  2. ICU
    • Recommend against completing during Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan. The block must be 4 consecutive weeks
    • If register for ICU during interview season, you must have a vacation block left later in the year.
    • This vacation block must be available to remediate ICU if you miss more than 2 days for interviews or other
    • RCH holds 6 spots per block on a first come first serve basis, but may also take at RUHS or VSLO sites
  3. Radiology at UCR – blocks TBA
  4. Back 2 Basics at UCR
  5. Elective blocks: total of 5 electives for a total of 20 weeks of electives; no more than 8 weeks can be non-clinical
    • No more than 2 electives in the same field. Exceptions only for educational reasons
    • Please submit exception requests to Ms. Witty. Requests will be reviewed by the Clerkship Committee
  6. Vacation blocks: total of 2 blocks for a total of 8 weeks
    • Must use 1 vacation block during interview season Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan

Weeks & Blocks; BOTH requirements

11 Blocks

  1. Block = 4 weeks
  2. vacation blocks = 8 Weeks for weddings, family travel, residency interviews; may disperse if needed for planning
  3. Required rotations that must be 4 consecutive weeks of 1 block: SubI, ICU, Rad, B2B
  4. Electives Must TOTAL 20 Weeks = 5 Blocks X 4 Weeks = 20
    • *Example: if 3 week elective, will not be approved until an additional 1 week rotation secured


Required for every block, within 1 week of block completion. Required to get course credit.
UCR Clinical Rotation Evaluation, UCR Research Evaluation, UCR Scholarly Activity Evaluation

Time Away

  • Unexpected Absence = sick, death in family, a med/family emergency; Up to 2 days per block, if more may default to vacation. Must notify site Attending and Ms.Witty
  • Expected Absence = Interview Season, planned medical procedure, doctor’s visits
    Must turn in Time Away Request Form PRIOR; same 2 day limit, if more may default to vacation block
  • Vacation blocks/weeks for weddings, interviews, family events, etc

Affiliation Agreements

Every rotation requires an Affiliation Agreement, which includes clinical, research, scholarly activity. Student responsible to ensure in place prior to rotation approval. May take months to years. VSLO does not require separate affiliation agreement

Example: Extramural rotation = Clinical rotation that is not with one of our local affiliates or VSLO, requires Extramural Rotation form and secured affiliation agreement prior to form submission

Research Rotations & Scholarly Activity Rotations

Requires Submission of Form 1 prior to registration


  • 30 days in advance for ALL rotations; if miss deadline the block may default to vacation
  • No Add/Drop within 30 days
  • Evaluations within 1 Week; if no evaluation then no grade resulting in no credit for rotation, block will default to vacation

Thank you for taking the time to serve as a student advisor!